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3 Reasons Why You Should Still Use Business Cards in 2019 — May 22, 2019

3 Reasons Why You Should Still Use Business Cards in 2019

Many people think the use of business cards in 2019 has fallen to such an extent, it does not really make much sense using them anymore. In fact, there are many reasons why using business cards in 2019 is just as important as it ever was. In some cases, even more important.

Being a professional — You may be surprised how many people still use business cards in 2019. Even in the age of mobile phones, LinkedIn, and being able to easily exchange information via a phone or a tablet, business cards are still king.

In fact, most professionals still have a business card they hand out. You should have one too so that you can reciprocate every time.

Digital is impersonal — You may be surprised to learn many people think exchanging business information digitally is impersonal, and do not like it when you do.

The best business relationships usually start by exchanging business cards, and by making eye contact. Not by forwarding your details from your mobile phone.

Keep your interactions with potential clients or business partners personal, and you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Your company’s first impression — The business card you hand out is often the first impression the receiver has about your company. A high quality business cards says something even more. It says you are professional, you believe in quality and you are successful. This alone can tell a prospective customer everything they want to know about your business.

If you design your business card correctly as well, it can serve as an unusual card the person you give it to will keep. This extends the life of your Business Cards far beyond the life of a quick email or a direct message from your phone.

Promote Your Business With Your Own Business Cards — April 21, 2019

Promote Your Business With Your Own Business Cards

There are several reasons why you should have a business card with the information regarding your job, your title, telephone number and a website with your name in it. First, it will show other people your professionalism and your creativity, as your business card is part of what you are and what you are offering.

However, with new technology changing every day, people will believe that it is not necessary to have your business information on a card, as it will be easier to do it on your smartphone or tablet, but, in business, it is important how you handle the communication with a customer and how fast you offer your services to a new prospect.

Therefore, showing your business cards with your contact information to new clients, in just a matter of seconds, will be faster, than looking for your iPhone or his/her to write it down.

In consequence, no matter what kind of business or what kind of product you are offering, to be successful, you must act fast to find out new customers, therefore, the most people you offer your business cards the most possibilities you have to make a sale.

In addition, new customers can follow up with you and also refer your business to other prospects. In fact, being a businessman or an entrepreneur means being a professional.

If you wish to connect with other businessman in a conference or in a business trip, the best alternative is by sharing your business with a business card with the logo of your company and with all the information about your product or service.

The first impression in any interview for a new job or to get a new customer is the most important one. Therefore, showing your business cards with all your details will give them the best one.

Why You should Use a Professional Printing Company for Your Business Cards — March 23, 2019

Why You should Use a Professional Printing Company for Your Business Cards

Getting new business cards printed can be a little frustrating. Especially if you want to have cards that look professional, stand out and are beautiful quality.

A good way to do this, however, is to use a professional printing company. If you do, not only will you get beautiful business cards, but there are other benefits to using such a company as well.

An unusual design — if you print your own business cards, chances are you will be using a template created by somebody else. This usually means your business cards will look similar to may other people’s. Use a professional printing company, however, and you will have access to a professional designer that will be able to create something unusual for you.

A design that people pay attention to — If you want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to getting your business in front of potential customers, having a business cards that people pay attention to is key.

With a professional printing company, you can have business cards that are an unusual size, color or shape. These cards will not only cause people to pay attention to the card, but may just cause them to keep the card rather than throwing it away.

A consistent design — If you use a printer for your Business Cards, you are likely to get cards that fit in with the overall identity of your business. That means the ink colors on the business cards match your letterhead and logo colors perfectly. The font is the same, the size of the print is the same and a Business Cards created by a printer is easily identifiable as belonging to someone that works in your company.

This is the perfect way to cement your business into someone’s mind so that, the next time they need products or services like those you offer, they may just think of you.

Why Business Cards are Important — February 22, 2019

Why Business Cards are Important

If you do not yet own business cards, or are wondering if you need to get yours reprinted now you are running out, you may want to know why business cards are so important.

So much so, if you are serious about your business, then having business cards or not should never even be questioned. Here are some important reasons as to why.

Business cards make you look professional — During any first meeting with a potential client or partner, you want to look professional in every way. Having business cards to give them makes you look professional. Being asked for one and having to admit you do not currently have them does not.

Make you stick in a potential client’s mind — When you initially hand out a business card, the person may just glance at it and then put it away in their wallet. A few weeks later when they come across it again, however, they will remember meeting you and remember you talking about your company. This may then remind them they need to give you a call, and make arrangements to talk more about your business.

A business card gives you legitimacy — Anyone can say they own a business in any field. Whether they do or not is something a potential client wants to find out.

Giving them a business card not only makes you look professional, it also makes you seem legitimate and reputable. It places your name, phone number, email address and company address firmly in the mind of a potential client, and it helps make them seriously consider using your services.

In other words, if you are thinking about not having new Business Cards printed, think again. A professional without a business card is someone that looks far less legitimate than others in their field.