If you do not yet own business cards, or are wondering if you need to get yours reprinted now you are running out, you may want to know why business cards are so important.

So much so, if you are serious about your business, then having business cards or not should never even be questioned. Here are some important reasons as to why.

Business cards make you look professional — During any first meeting with a potential client or partner, you want to look professional in every way. Having business cards to give them makes you look professional. Being asked for one and having to admit you do not currently have them does not.

Make you stick in a potential client’s mind — When you initially hand out a business card, the person may just glance at it and then put it away in their wallet. A few weeks later when they come across it again, however, they will remember meeting you and remember you talking about your company. This may then remind them they need to give you a call, and make arrangements to talk more about your business.

A business card gives you legitimacy — Anyone can say they own a business in any field. Whether they do or not is something a potential client wants to find out.

Giving them a business card not only makes you look professional, it also makes you seem legitimate and reputable. It places your name, phone number, email address and company address firmly in the mind of a potential client, and it helps make them seriously consider using your services.

In other words, if you are thinking about not having new Business Cards printed, think again. A professional without a business card is someone that looks far less legitimate than others in their field.